This area of northwest Georgia was inhabited largely by Native Americans until 1540. After DeSoto's arrival, Europeans flocked to the area. The French were the first to arrive, followed by the English in 1629.

James Oglethorpe organized a settlement, and in 1773 the territory was named Georgia, after King George II.

Pickens County was officially created in 1853. It was named after General Andrew Pickens. The city of Jasper was named after Sergeant William Jasper. Both of these men were Revolutionary War heroes.

Native Americans mined both marble and quartz in this area at least 5000 years ago. By the early 1900's, the marble quarries were in operation under the direction of Colonel Sam Tate. Marble continues to play an important role in the economic profile of Pickens County.

Pickens County is comprised of a number of close-knit communities scattered throughout the hills, valleys, streams and hollows of the area. The towns of Talking Rock, Tate, Marble Hill, Hinton, Blaine, Ludville, Nelson and Jasper each have their own identifiable story. Come visit Pickens County and experience all that we have to offer!


Pickens County enjoys four distinct seasons, with lots of color from spring flowers to fall foliage. Summer can bring hot days, though a few degrees cooler than Atlanta and in winter we can see snow or ice, which usually only lasts a day or two. January temperatures average highs of 46° with lows of 27°. July averages are 85° and 64°.


While Pickens County is officially classified as a rural, non-agricultural community, many people in the area depend on various types of farming.

You will see occasional poultry farms, as well as horses and cattle. The largest source of agricultural income is timber. Large forests are carefully managed to produce an ongoing supply of lumber.

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