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The purpose of this program is to expose the youth of Pickens County to leadership experiences by creating an environment where they can make a positive impact on issues that affect teens. The program is offered FREE to grades 11-12.

Our Most Recent Event

UGA Overnight Retreat

In what world can you get football players, band members, cheerleaders, softball players, FBLA members, cross country runners, and TSA members all in the same place, at the same time, and know they are having a great time? The answer to that question is: Youth Leadership Pickens. YLP strives to bring together children from all walks of life, in order to better prepare them for their future as leaders in their community.

To jump start the year, the YLP Steering Committee took twenty four students on an overnight retreat to visit UGA’s Fanning Institute for Continuing Education. In order to better model the YLP program after the adult Leadership Pickens program, the Steering Committee made the decision to move the annual overnight retreat to UGA, and this decision proved to be a good one. The weekend was jam packed with activities centered on building leadership skills within each student, identifying each student’s weaknesses and turning those weaknesses into strengths, and empowering these students to make decisions best suited to improve not only themselves, but the people around them.

Throughout the year, the Steering Committee will help guide and direct each student to grow as student leaders and build upon the foundations set at the UGA conference. This will be accomplished through sessions led by individuals that embody the definition of a leader throughout the community, attending city meetings, volunteering with various non-profits and completing a group project based on the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.”

The Youth Leadership Pickens program is supported by the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce, and funded by the annual Snowball Golf Tournament, which hosted by the Chamber. In addition, we have sponsorships and accept contributions for this wonderful program. If you are interested in donating to Youth Leadership Pickens, contact Lexi Hardman at 706-692-5600.

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